Artificial intelligence eliminates traffic jams

IntelliBoard is your user interface, a web interface which allows you to control and survey the traffic optimisation. The traffic board gives you full control over the optimisation algorithm and allows you to set boundary conditions. You have online access to all signal systems controlled by the IntelliGo system. You can adjust both the optimisation algorithm and boundary conditions via the interface. This has the advantage that you do not have to book a programmer for expensive reprogramming. The approach is simple: Adjust a little on the parameters, see how it works in practice, and – possibly – adjust again until the result is satisfactory.

However, IntelliBoard is much more than just an interface. All traffic data received by the radars in the intersection is stored on servers providing you with big data for analyses. For instance the IntelliGo system gathers up to 100 million data points per traffic intersection per year.

Big data at your fingertip

Artificial intelligence ensures that data received is not just processed by a piece software and displayed on the IntelliBoard as information about traffic in the intersection. AI technology gives you statistical data covering the latest 24 hours or 7 days about the number of vehicles that have passed through the intersection, the average delay time or number of stops per vehicle. This has the advantage that you do not have to manually gather this data and hereafter make calculations according to the results you need for adjusting e.g. traffic flow. IntelliBoard makes all calculations automatically for you – and data can be accessed on the spot. In this way, IntelliGo puts an end to the present costly and time-consuming ‘standard’ where you need to order a report on for instance average number of vehicles that pass through the intersection from your external supplier who then carries a manual or camera-based count, calculates all data manually and sends you a report – at a high cost and with quite a delay compared to the time when you ordered the data. And should you want to compare traffic flow again in six months, it is just a matter of running the same report again. This feature alone will save you much time and money per year as you are in control of all data in real time.

Create green waves

In IntelliBoard all data is available at your fingertip and just needs to be extracted at no cost and in no time. The big data stored can be used to calculate the effect of your automation of traffic signalling, e.g. number of vehicles passing through, their waiting time, lengths of ques, number of stops and number of stopped vehicles, speed profiles and vehicles passing at red. This data can be combined with other data and provide you with new insights into traffic management in your area.

Go greener

With IntelliGo’s solution, traffic signals – around the clock – are controlled by radar data that calculates whether to give priority to cars, buses, trucks, or bicycles – depending on where the need for flow is greatest. Studies carried out by Aalborg University and the lead developer of the IntelliGo algorithm show that for instance fuel consumption can be minimised by 28% in traffic intersections controlled by IntelliGo’s smart mobility management system.

Examples of simulated benefits on green wave

· 20-30% reduced travel time
· 20% cut in fuel consumption
· Compared to traditional traffic control, IntelliGo reduces the negative effects of traffic considerably, e.g.
· 10-25% less stopped vehicles at low traffic
· Up to 10% less stopped vehicles in case of intense traffic in one direction
· 25-35% less stopped vehicles in case of intense traffic in all directions and 10-20% less waiting time overall
· More than 20% less stopped vehicles with intense traffic from side roads and more than 20% less waiting time
· More than 50% less stopped vehicles and also more than 50% less waiting time in intersections with many vehicles turning left.

Your new traffic planning strategy

Having access to big data in the IntelliBoard, you can make intelligent decisions at any time at no extra cost and whenever and wherever needed. This means that your new planning strategy could be as follows:

· Install IntelliFlow and IntelliBoard by IntelliGo
· Measure traffic flows as is controlled by your present traffic signal control programme
· Connect the IntelliGo optimisation algorithm
· Measure traffic flow again
· Use data collected for any readjustments

Your traffic flow will over time readjust itself as it continues to receive input from the AI technology and your potential wishes to specific prioritisations. Should you wish to add more features such as the control of bicycle flows, it is simple to get into a dialogue with IntelliGo about a further upgrade of your system.

  • IntelliFlow – Signal Control Box

    IntelliFlow is the core of the IntelliGo dynamic signal control which adapts and changes the traffic signals in real-time to the actual traffic condition.

  • IntelliBoard

    IntelliBoard is your user interface, a web interface which allows you to control and survey the traffic optimisation

City traffic just became more intelligent