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Artificial intelligence eliminates traffic jams

A Danish-developed signal control algorithm is the heart of IntelliGo’s smart traffic control system, which consists of two main entities that combine artificial intelligence, machine learning and live data – and is up to 50% more efficient than existing systems measured on average traffic delays, queue lengths, stops, fuel consumption and total transportation time.
Science behind the smart mobility management system

The algorithm developed by IntelliGo is based on research carried out at DICYPS | Centre for Data-Intensive Cyber-Physical Systems of Aalborg University. The mobility management system is built on UPPAAL, a software tool developed at the university in an interdisciplinary cooperation between traffic engineers and computer scientists over the last 20 years. The IntelliGo smart mobility management system predicts the best control of traffic signals in the intersection based on live data provided by radars instead of basing traffic control on traditional pre-set intervals that not only annoy road users but also cause unnecessary stops at intersections.

The optimization algorithm calculates once a second the optimal control strategy and automatically optimizes the current traffic picture based on live data from radar sensors in the signalling system.

Traffic controlled by the smart IntelliGo management system results in less and shorter queues as it is based on algorithms and machine learning combined with absolute safety guarantees.

Full control and 100 percent overview

The smart mobility management system offers you easy access to both analyses and the control of traffic – and live information on traffic flow provided by radar data.

With urban traffic management driven by IntelliGo’s mobility management algorithm, you achieve optimal traffic flows and a 100% ‘real time’ overview of traffic hubs in your city, neighbourhood, or municipality 24/7.

Live data sets set the standard for tomorrow’s intelligent traffic management. If you implement IntelliGo’s solution today, you are one step ahead in terms of living up to the energy, climate and environmental requirements for sustainable mobility that dominate traffic policy today.

Go greener

With IntelliGo’s solution, traffic signals – around the clock – are controlled by radar data that calculates whether to give priority to cars, buses, trucks, or bicycles – depending on where the need for flow is greatest. Studies carried out by Aalborg University and the lead developer of the IntelliGo algorithm show that for instance fuel consumption can be minimised by 28% in traffic intersections controlled by IntelliGo’s smart mobility management system.

Have a closer look at IntelliBoard, the traffic board, and IntelliFlow, the signal control that comprise the IntelliGo solution.

Prepare for tomorrow’s traffic

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