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Urban mobility management software powered by AI dedicated to optimising signal-based intersections maximises urban mobility by increasing the capacity of traffic intersections and minimising the impact of city traffic on the environment by decreasing CO2 emission due to less ‘stop and go’ traffic in urban areas.

Who we are

Research, experience, and passion for smart mobility management have brought together the team behind IntelliGo, a Danish-based company specialised in the development of road traffic management software and a traffic control platform.
The team you will meet if you decide to partner with IntelliGo in your urban mobility management architecture is made up of highly skilled experts. We find the future of transportation and mobility the most exciting area of work and are 100% dedicated to contributing to a smarter traffic management to the benefit of the safety of people in traffic and our climate. Our solution is focused on providing a to-the-point, manageable solution that controls traffic signals excellently without overcomplicating things with a lot of unnecessary features. What you need is what you get.
Direct access to team members
In your dialogue with us about being a part of the smart mobility sector, you will meet our lead developer of the smart mobility management algorithm, a civil engineer specialised in traffic management and an MBA within business development and project management. We also employ several highly skilled specialists within Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), mobility services deployment and the digitalisation of transportation.
Founding partners with hands on experience

Most of the team are co-founders of IntelliGo and have ‘hands on’ in both the development of the system and in our dialogue with you.

Several IntelliGo team members have strong, long-lasting ties to ITS Denmark and ITS Europe – and one team member is a Hall of Fame winner as he has been presented the Lifetime Achievement Award for Europe at the ITS World Congress in 2019. You are therefore guaranteed a dialogue with professionals who are up to date with the latest technological developments in the smart mobility sector. We are always ready to showcase data about successful implementations of our traffic control system and exchange know-how and best practices.


Partnerships with customers

Although our mobility management solution is easy to operate, we see our customers as partners. Therefore, we stay involved in your implementation of the traffic control system from project planning to the point when the system has gone live.

Prepare for tomorrow’s traffic

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